Commercial management by KSR Wind Solutions

Experts should be taking care of your wind farm, to help you produce over 20 years of reliable power.
Our service offer includes all services necessary for commercial management.

Our bookkeeping encompasses all of your wind farm’s financial matters.
Specifically, the following activities are an essential part of commercial management

- instruction and supervision of payment instructions, including land lease payments to property owners,
  and tax payments

- support for banking transactions, in particular the implementation of a reporting system, as required
  by the respective bank

- account management and payment transactions

- financial bookkeeping and cost accounting

- involving the coordination of collecting electricity provision reimbursement

- preparation and forwarding of necessary documents to the competent accountants to prepare/audit
  the financial statements and tax returns

- support in all tax matters of the client (no tax advice)

- annual investment and economic planning

- planning and implementation of annual general meetings





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